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Alicia Boerboom


Life takes us in many directions. Ultimately it should lead in the direction of our natural passion. We may not start out on that path right away but, hopefully through growth from life experiences, we will evolve into what we are to become and take on the purpose we were meant for.

In my life, I wear many hats: wife, mother, business owner, nurse and licensed massage therapist. Bodywork and outcall massage therapy are my passions. I love the multi-faceted healing that comes from physical touch. The implication of therapeutic physical touch transcends the boundaries of all walks of life. Anyone and everyone can benefit from various bodywork techniques in one way or another.

I am happy and fortunate to report that I am living my life with purpose and passion; a passion that satisfies my soul by helping others. I am skilled in many modalities of massage therapy and bodywork, but my favorites are deep tissue, sports massage and trigger point therapies. Finding people’s physical problems—like soreness or decreased range of motion—then addressing the issues with appropriate techniques, providing relief through the work that I’ve done and then seeing a measurable improvement, is rewarding to me. My intention is to continue to learn in all aspects of life, grow as a person, and perfect my skills.

It would be my pleasure to care for your body’s needs whether your desire is for relaxation, focused therapeutic work, or something else. Each client’s care is approached as a solution to their unique individual needs. Client- therapist dialog and assessment helps to formulate a custom experience for maximum benefits. Thanks for getting to know me! I would love to get to know you and help with your bodywork needs.